Alliance Energo Trade tops the list of the largest offshore DT importers in 2019

25.02.2020 y. News

In 2019, the Alliance Energo Trade company became the largest importer of diesel fuel through ports with a volume of 116.5 thousand tons. This was reported to enkorr by the A-95 Consulting Group, citing data from its own research.

Compared to 2018, the Alliance Energo Trade has increased imports by sea by 55% (by 41 thousand tons), rising from fourth to first in the ranking. If in the previous year the bulk was transshipped through the port in Zaporozhye (terminal of Zirka Combine), then in 2019, Odessa became the main delivery port. Through the terminal “Odessanefteprodukt” the company issued 62.4 out of 116.5 thousand tons.

The Trade Commodity group dropped to the second line, reducing the supply by 14% (by 16.5 thousand tons) to 100 thousand tons. The group operates through the Oil Transmission terminal in the port of Nikolaev. From June to August, the work of the terminal was blocked by the power units of the SFS as part of the investigation of the full payment of taxes.

The third line of the rating was taken by the Privat group, which began wholesale sales of diesel fuel from the tanks of the Odessanefteprodukt terminal in June last year. At the end of 2019, the group registered imports of 93 thousand tons of diesel fuel, which is more than twice the volume of supplies a year earlier.

Orange Oil showed the highest growth rates in deliveries, having increased imports from 35 thousand tons to 81 thousand tons. The bulk of the cargo turnover was made up of Israeli and Turkish resources received at the Yuzhny port in the framework of cooperation with the Wexler Group. Also, Orange Oil almost doubled its import through the small ports of Izmail and Ochakov, as well as through the port of Kherson.

Odessa company Eurostandard fell from third to fifth in the rating. Over the year, it reduced marine imports by 22% (by 21.5 thousand tons), to 77.7 thousand tons. If a year earlier, deliveries were mainly carried out through the Odessa port, then in 2019 the emphasis shifted to Yuzhny, where up to 60% of the total volume arrived.

Rating of DT importers by volumes of supplies to Ukraine through seaports in 2019, thousand tons:

As enkorr reported, in 2019 the balance of the Ukrainian diesel fuel market grew by 7.3%, to 6.99 million tons, compared to 2018 (6.52 million tons). The annual market volume reached its maximum value for the entire observation period (since 2004).

In 2019, import by sea increased by 25% (by 142 thousand tons) to 702 thousand tons, and its share in the market balance increased to 10%. This is the maximum annual volume of marine supplies of diesel fuel to the Ukrainian market for the foreseeable period.

Source: enkorr


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