The new owner of “PrikarpatZapadtrans” intends to organize the pumping of Belarusian diesel fuel

04.04.2019 y. News

The unitary enterprise “oil-bitumen plant” (Belarus), which in March received permission from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to purchase the PrikarpatZapadtrans oil product pipeline, plans to organize pipeline deliveries of diesel fuel from the Mozyr oil refinery. The owner of the company, Nikolay Vorobey, said this in an interview with the Belarusian edition of TUT.BY.

“We intend to provide services for the transportation of petroleum products on the export resource of Belarusian refineries, and first of all the Mozyr Refinery, which has direct access to the pipeline system with the possibility of further transportation in the PrikarpatZapadtrans system, and these are supplies to Ukraine and the possibility of transit to other European countries “, – said N. Vorobiev.

He is confident that the logistical advantages of pipeline transport will increase competitiveness and increase the share of the presence of Belarusian fuel in the Ukrainian market.

According to Nikolay Vorobea, after completion of the project on hydrocracking of heavy residues at the Mozyr Oil Refinery, an increase in the output of light petroleum products is expected. “These are the” light “and better transported by pipeline transport,” – said the owner of the company.

As reported by the source, the permission of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to acquire 50% of the oil-bitumen plant at PrikarpatZapadtrans LLC was received on March 18. The amount of the transaction by the parties is not disclosed. As of the morning of April 3, the owner of the company in the Ukrainian registry is still the Swiss company International Trading Partners AG and its beneficiary, Anatoly Scheffer.

All deliveries of Belarusian diesel fuel in Ukraine are carried out by rail. After the resumption of PrikarpatZapadtrans operation, the volume of supplies of Belarusian diesel fuel in Ukraine decreased by 20% from 2,700,000 tons in 2016 to 2,150,000 tons in 2018, and the market share decreased from 46% to 33%

Oil Bitumen Plant is owned by businessman Nikolai Vorobei, the largest private Belarusian oil trader Interservice. Since 2016, Interservice has supplied to Russia from Belarus ZN of Russian production in the amount of about 60 thousand. Sources in Belarus report that in recent years the company has actively transshipped Russian oil products until last year the scheme was closed by Russia. Directly the “oil-bitumen plant” itself is one of the suppliers of bitumen to the Ukrainian market. In 2018, he sent about 7 thousand tons of this product in Ukraine.

PrikarpatZapadtrans operates a section of the Samara-Zapadnaya Direction oil pipeline with a length of about 1.1 thousand km, intended for pumping diesel fuel from Russia and Belarus both for the internal needs of Ukraine and for transit to Europe, in particular, to Hungary. line capacity – 3,500,000 tons per year.

The pumping of oil products through the Ukrainian oil product pipeline was not carried out for two years prior to the sale due to legal proceedings in Ukraine regarding the ownership of the site and product in the pipe.

In June 2016, the oil product pipelines were restored pumping diesel fuel in Novograd-Volynsky, from September – in Smiga and in May 2017 – in Dubrynichi.

At the end of 2016, Ukraine received 910 thousand tons of pipeline ZN 2017 – 1,800,000 tons, in 2018 – 2,400,000 tons or 37% of the total market balance.

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