Ukrzaliznytsya has increased tariffs for cargo by 14.2%

01.04.2019 y. News

JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” since March 30 increased tariffs for freight by 14.2%, the company said. “The indexation of tariffs for freight rail transportation within Ukraine by 14.2% is the first step towards the introduction of a permanent model of automatic indexation of tariffs for the index of prices of producers of industrial products”, – said in a note. The new system of automatic indexation of tariffs can be elaborated up to July 1 of this year. Earlier, the UZ had planned to raise tariffs since February 1, but then the increase was not agreed upon by the State Regulatory Service. Her agreement was only received on March 22.

The increase in tariffs by 14.2% turned out to be 2.4 p. P Below the plans that UZ announced at the end of 2018. Then in November, it was intended to index the freight rates from February 1, 2019 by 16.6%.

In the “A-95 Consulting Group”, it is noted that the rise in rail freight transportation by 14.2% will cause the growth of large wholesale fuel prices within the range of 20-50 UAH / ton. Specific figures depend on the type of fuel and supply logistics. For example, when transporting LPG from Belarus (border crossing Slavic-Berezhelyte) Art. Korosten Zhytomyrskoy, the cost of the resource will increase by 50 UAH / t (here and thereafter without VAT). Deliveries of Belarusian DT to Korosten can cost the operators 25 UAH / t more.

Transportation of Russian DT via the border crossing of Nightingale Topoli to the station Kupyansk (Kharkiv region). It costs 20 UAH / t, SUG – 35 UAH / t.

According to the results of 2018, the share of rail deliveries in the structure of imports of ZN amounted to 56%, gasoline – 99%, LPG – 78%.

According to the source, the latest increase in tariffs occurred on October 1, 2017, when the services of “Ukrzaliznytsy” for the carriage of goods increased by 15%. In 2018, the Ministry of Economic Development predicted that in 2019-2021, Freight rates for freight will increase annually by 20-25%.

Source: enkorr


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