Ukraine has no shortage of fuel due to sanctions of the Russian Federation – NAU

The Naftogaz Association of Ukraine (NAU) does not see the risks of fuel shortages in connection with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation to impose sanctions against Ukraine. To this conclusion, the NAU came after analyzing the ruling №460-25 of April 18, according to a press release from the association.

“According to this document, from June 1, 2019, the import of diesel fuel, gasoline and liquefied gas to Ukraine will be carried out on the basis of permits of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation. From the document it does not follow that the volumes of fuel will be somehow limited, “- said in a message.

According to representatives of NAU, if fuel suppliers receive timely permission, the situation on the Ukrainian oil market will remain unchanged.

“To date, the criteria and rules by which such permits will be issued, have not yet been published,” experts noted.

The NAU also noted that the degree of diversification of the Ukrainian market exceeds the level of many European states. From 2017, fuel to Ukraine comes from more than 10 countries with the use of various logistics schemes – marine, rail, automobile and pipeline, which allows to organize any deliveries in a short time.

“Therefore, in the event of a delay in the issuance of permits to fuel suppliers, the Ukrainian market is rapidly reoriented to supplies from other countries: Belarus, Poland, Romania, Hungary and others. In this case, there may be slight fluctuations in the cost of fuel due to changes in logistics supply routes “, – summed up in the industry association.

According to the source, on April 18 Russia introduced new sanctions against Ukraine, which stipulates restrictions on the export of oil and petroleum products from June 1, 2019

According to the decision of the Russian government, the export of diesel fuel, propane-butane and straight-run gasoline in Ukraine from June 1 is possible only on the basis of permits issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

Announces: enkorr

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